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MRA specializes in remote & austere region  establishment of 24hour onsite emergency medical units with ALS Paramedical services supported with Doctor based telemedicine support. Paramedics assist with First Aid training, disaster planning, the development and implementation of Medical Emergency Response Plans (MERP), the provision of electronic checklists for emergency medical equipment, first aid kits, health & hygiene inspections on premises and assisting in compliance with the Ministry of Health Act & Occupational Health and Safety requirements.

MRA also offers a 24-hour Telemedicine solution for companies in remote & austere regions, including the transport of life saving medication or blood products to the sick and injured. The telemedicine solutions create a continuous support system for Primary health care management onsite from a remote location and continuous patient management when evacuation is not imminent or may not be immediately possible due to location, weather, etc. The mobile telemedicine units comprise of a fully stand-alone integrated audio & visual consultation platform aided by multiple integrated diagnostic tools giving live feed imaging and information to the clinical team anywhere in the world. Some of these diagnostic devices include multi-vital signs monitoring, 12-lead ECG, Otoscope, Ophthalmoscope and Ultra-sound. These systems aid the clinician and clinical management team to accurately examine and diagnose patients while in remote or limited medical setting regions giving greater oversight & treatment of these patients in both an emergent and primary health care setting.  

MRA provides Lodge assistance by contracting Emergency Response and Evacuation plans as well as remote telemedicine, assistance services and training.   

MRA industrial site medical services include the management and operation of on-site ambulances and clinics, as well as the provision of regular safety audits, field intelligence, health risk management and emergency response exercises. These services typically extend to also incorporate the following:

  • On-site emergency medical services

  • Mass casualty incident management and evacuation

  • Emergency response plan development and training 

  • Disaster planning and management

  • Telemedicine and primary health management services

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