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MRA is an approved training centre through Signa which is part of the Westair group of companies.
MRA offers a series of courses and skilled trainers to impart potential clients

The courses range from:


This is an Aviation approved First Aid course customized for Pilots and Cabin Crew Members

The course entail:

  • Flight Crew Responsibilities

  • Patient health

  • Basic First Aid Human Body Anatomy and Physiology

  • Basic Life Support (CPR Adult, Child, Infant, and AED)

  • Medical Emergencies

  • Environmental Emergencies

  • Child Birth

Medical Aircraft Familiarization and Safety Course:

This course is specially tailored for Doctors, Nurses, and Paramedics to familiarize them with aircraft and patient safety when conducting an medical air evacuation flight.

  • Introduction to Aviation Regulations

  • Basic Aerodynamics, aircraft anatomy and function

  • Characteristics and types of aircraft

  • Safety in and around the aircraft

  • Emergencies in flight

  • Patient safety and loading

  • Patients emergencies due to air pressure differences

Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers:

The BLS Provider course is approved by the American Heart Association and registered by the Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa

The course entail:

  • CPR, Adult, Child, Infant

  • Use of AED

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