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MRA, through Westair Aviation, has a dedicated fleet of Air Ambulance aircraft on standby which can land on unimproved airstrips as well as to operate at night and in bad weather conditions. Air crews undergo regular recurrency training, and all operations comply with the highest safety and quality standards namely BARS-GOLD standard. We strive for the utmost patient comfort & safety with the use of only the Med-Pac ® aeromedical life support stretcher systems which are all STC approved per aircraft. We have current aeromedical operations in Namibia, Mozambique, Sao Tome, Gabon & Senegal.
MRA maintains the required flight approvals and block clearances to fly to several African countries at a moment’s notice. The medical crew is ready on a 24-hour standby basis with a fully ICU-equipped aircraft. Our capabilities include Neonatal to Adult Critical & Intensive Care Level.

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